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Intensive with some long hours in the field and long walks.

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Seven plus leader

Ural Owl Eastern Imperial Eagle Pygmy Owl

Slovakia - Owls and Woodpeckers

Date: 3rd - 8th April 2015 [SPACES]
Leaders: Gerard Gorman



Spotted Nutcracker
Slovakia is essentially a land of mountains. This tour takes in two of the country's eastern ranges, the heavily forested Volovske, an area largely unknown to "western" birders and the lower, karstic, more open, Slovensky kras. All ten European woodpecker species are possible on this tour and indeed, several of them, such as Black and Grey-headed Woodpeckers, occur in both of the main areas we visit. We will also visit specific habitats for two rarer species White-backed and Three-toed Woodpeckers. Hazel Grouse is also here and we will certainly search for this much sought after bird. Elsewhere, raptors on our route include Eastern Imperial Eagle, Hen Harrier and Saker. And if all this were not enough, several forest owls will also be on the agenda as Pygmy, Ural and Tengmalm’s Owls resident in most of the forests we visit. Some of the places we will explore are home to Lynx and Wolf, and we will probably come across the signs and tracks these mammals. The terrain is a little strenuous at times and at altitude for the first couple of days, so a reasonable level of physical fitness will be required and you can expect to walk several miles per day. Your tour leader will be Gerard Gorman and you can expect to see approximately 125 species.


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