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Relaxed with some long driving days and occasional early starts/late finishes

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Ten plus Leaders

Harlequins Humpback Whale Great Skua Barrow's Goldeneye Black-tailed Godwit Northern Fulmars

Iceland - Summer in The Land of Ice and Fire

Date: Tour not currently operating
Leaders: Andy Jones



A wonderful short holiday at the best time of year for seeing Iceland’s breeding birds. However, this trip isn’t only about birds — the programme has been carefully planned to allow participants to enjoy Iceland’s amazing geology, magnificent landscapes and cultural history, too. From the minute you step off the plane at Keflavik you will be in awe at the extraordinary natural landscapes of this land of ice and fire. Glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls and stunning valleys and fjords all go to make up on of the most exciting places you can ever expect to visit. The number of bird species is not high – we will be lucky to see seventy species, but some of these are very special breeding birds found nowhere else in Europe and others have heir highest densities on the continent on the many seabird cliffs. Shorebirds, resplendent in summer breeding dress seem to call from every fence post and the eerie calls of breeding Great Northern Divers ring out across the lakes – just like in the movies! In addition, we will take an offshore excursion to search for marine life, and in particular, whales, several species of which could be encountered, including the ultimate for cetacean enthusiasts – Blue Whale. Iceland is quite rapidly realising that commercial whale watching is more sustainable than whale hunting and we are happy to encourage this growing trend by endorsing the companies that lead the way in this field. There will be little walking and mostly on good terrain – you can expect to walk perhaps four kilometres per day. Your tour leader will be our good friend Andy Jones, whose knowledge of all things Icelandic is second to none. Another Oriole Birding leader will join the tour should numbers dictate. You can expect to see approximately 70 species.


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