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Fairly relaxed with some early morning starts

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Seven plus Leader

Booted Eagle Cory's Shearwater Bonelli's Eagle White Stork Purple Swamp Hen Great Shearwater

Southern Portugal - Sagres, Steppes & Seabirds

Date: 19th - 24th September 2020 (CANCELLED - Returning 2021)
Leaders: David Gosney



Greater Flamingoes


You might think that if you’ve already been birding in Spain you don’t need to ‘do’ Portugal too. The aim of this trip is to persuade you to think again. Among Portugal’s many unique birding attractions, one of the most exciting is the autumn migration around the Sagres peninsula. This features not just the usual range of migrant passerines but also, potentially, hundreds of raptors, fantastic seabirds and even owls. The pelagic trips off the Portuguese coasts offer probably the best sea watching anywhere in Europe. Species such as Cory’s and Balearic Shearwater are abundant and we’ll also be expecting to get close to Sooty and Great Shearwater, Storm and Wilson’s Petrels, lots of skuas and who knows what else. The raptors are a bit special too; at this time of year we can expect the best variety of species including literally flocks of Booted Eagles. Migrating flocks of Griffon Vultures usually linger around the peninsula and are often joined by up to three Ruppell’s Vultures. As if that’s not enough, Portugal also has some of the best steppe areas in Europe, a variety of newly-tickable exotics and some delightful wetland areas full of birds yet small enough to provide terrific views. We’ll be visiting the best of the steppe areas, around Castro Verde, where we should see species such as Great Bustard, Little Bustard and Black-shouldered Kite plus, possibly, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture and Bonelli’s Eagle. Of the exotics we should at least find Common Waxbill and Black-headed Weaver and by visiting the best wetlands in the Algarve we should see lots of ducks, waders, gulls and herons.  Amongst so many birds, there’s always the chance of a rarity and the Algarve is probably the best place in Iberia for finding something exceptional. Besides all of that, Portugal is a lovely place and you’ll enjoy some delicious food and wine. This trip is designed to be relatively relaxing, being based almost entirely at one hotel set in lovely countryside and with only short distances travelled each day.



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