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Fairly relaxed with occasional early starts and late finishes. The slopes of Mount Etna are steep, uneven and vary from hard lava to loose shingle. We do not approach the summit but may get to 2000 metres elevation.

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Seven Plus leader

Woodchat Shrike

Sicily - Spring Migration

Date: Tour not currently operating
Leaders: Paul Roberts



Audouin's Gull


What a fabulous place to watch birds!! Why haven’t we thought of it before…? Well, the simple answer is that we had but have never been able to find the time to visit to put a tour together. However, now, this one centre holiday comes as part of our fact finding tour programme and we are visiting at a time when the migration that the island is renowned for is in full swing. But, of course, it’s not only birds that will hold our interest, as the tallest active volcano in Europe, thousands of years of history, dramatic scenery and a fabulous cuisine are all certain to play a major part in contributing to our enjoyment of our first visit to the  largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Lying just one hundred and forty kilometers from the North African coast in Tunisia, Sicily is geographically perfectly located for migrating birds to use as a  stopover point before continuing their journeys onwards into Europe and beyond and we will explore many potentially rewarding sites during our stay. Our base will be in a small but delightful converted winery near the southern town of Siracusa. All rooms are en suite but there are only a very limited number of single rooms, while the swimming pool, citrus, olive and almond groves and al fresco dining may prove irresistible to birds and participants alike!! You can expect to see approximately 120 species.



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