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Intermediate, though most early morning excursions are optional.

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Eight plus leader

Velvet Scoter

Falsterbo - Heading South

Leaders: Steve Cale




Honey Buzzard
Situated at the southern tip of Sweden in the beautiful county of Skane, Falsterbo ranks alongside The Bosphorous Straits and Gibraltar as one of Europe’s great areas when it comes to the diversity of species and sheer numbers of visibly migrating birds. This is open, gently rolling country dotted with small lakes, heather, juniper bushes and forests and Skane is renowned for having one of the nicest climates in Sweden. On a typical morning, we will study the visible migration of passerines and raptors over the Falsterbo area before moving a little further afield in the afternoons. We will also have ample opportunity to observe large numbers of shorebirds and wildfowl, which gather here prior to their southward flight. The walks will be easy and average three kilometres a day. As always with our migration holidays, we do not set a fixed itinerary; instead, we use local weather conditions and guides knowledge to decide which sites are best visited on any particular day. Our upmarket hotel is located very close to the best birding areas, meaning we are able to stay at one base for the whole tour and the cuisine is highly rated here too. Your tour leader will be Steve Cale and you can expect to see approximately 110 - 130 species.


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