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Intermediate with early starts most days, but fairly easy walking and relaxed finish times

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Seven plus leader

Cyprus Warbler Cyprus Pied Wheatear Black Francolin Cyprus Scop's Owl Isabelline Wheatear Red-throated Pipit

Southern Cyprus - Migrants and Endemics of Aphrodite's Isle

Date: 29th March - 5th April 2020 (FULL)
Leaders: Jason Moss



Ruppell's Warbler


Our tour will run at the peak of the spring migration to coincide with the best that this superb migration hotspot has to offer. Cyprus has long been recognized as an outstanding place to see migrants as they move through the Eastern Mediterranean basin, and one only has to look at its geographical location to see its obvious potential. There are two endemic species; Cyprus Warbler and Cyprus Pied Wheatear, while species such as pipits, wagtails, buntings and shrikes pass through in big numbers and it is also an excellent place to find Black Francolin. Our hotel is at the edge of the beautiful Dhiarizos Valley, which runs north towards the foothills of the Troodos Mountains where several distinctive island subspecies can be found of familiar birds such as Coal Tit, Jay and Short-toed Treecreeper. These mountains are also a stronghold for breeding Long-legged Buzzard and Bonelli’s Eagle, and the Dhiarizos Valley itself provides a hunting ground for migrant Pallid Harrier and various other northbound migrants. Just a few kilometers along the motorway is the tourist destination of Paphos, where a headland juts out into the Mediterranean and provides a sparsely vegetated refuge for tired migrants arriving from Africa – regular early morning checks, especially after showers, can produce spectacular birding. Heading east from our base, we find wetlands where waders, herons and reedbed species can be found, and to the North-west, we know some great spots to find migrants massing along the coast prior to their departure towards Turkey. Ruppell’s, Eastern Orphean, Eastern Subalpine and Spectacled Warblers, Marsh Sandpiper, Siberian Stonechat, Armenian Gull, Greater Sandplover, Masked Shrike, Red-throated Pipit, Bimaculated Lark, Little Crake, Little Bittern, Squacco Heron and Cretzchmar's Bunting are just some of the migrant birds we could encounter on this tour. The terrain is mostly easy and you can expect to see approximately 130 species. Your tour leader will be Jason Moss assissted by a second leader if numbers dictate.






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