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There will be early mornings and long days in the field but at a relaxed pace

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Six plus leaders

Spanish Imperial Eagle White-headed Duck European Serin White Stork Iberian Magpie

South-east Spain - Iberian Lynx - In Search of Europe's rarest Feline

Date: 13th - 17th December 2021 (SPACES)
Leaders: Javier Elorriaga & Jason Moss (if numbers dictate)



Iberian Lynx


On this specially devised tour, we will put considerable effort into seeing the most threatened feline in the entire world, the Iberian Lynx. This rare cat is principally located in two areas, El Coto Doñana and the area around Andujar National Park in south-east Spain. We will focus most of our time on searching suitable habitat around the latter area, and we will strictly follow the guidelines established by the Spanish Government for the observation of this endangered mammal. Furthermore, while we enjoy watching for mammals, we should see a variety of raptors and wintering birds in the beautiful Mediterranean Forest Landscapes. Spanish Imperial Eagle has one of its best strongholds in Spain in this region, and other mammals we could find include Otter, Red Deer, Spanish Ibex, Wild Boar and Moufflon. Iberian Green Woodpecker, Black Vulture and many other birds could also be expected, such as Southern Grey Shrike, Blue Rock Thrush and Rock Sparrow. A visit to the excellent wetland area adjacent to Malaga airport is likely to produce a nice range of winter waterbirds, not least the speciality – White-headed Duck. The terrain is mostly easy though not always on good paths and patience will be required if we are to encounter Lynx as they are extremely shy animals and you can expect many hours of patient scanning, watching and waiting for a sighting.  Your tour leaders will be Javier Elorriaga, assisted by Jason Moss if numbers dictate, and you can expect to see approximately eighty species of birds.




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