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Fairly relaxed but all daylight hours will be spent in the field. We will walk approximately twenty kilometres in total during our stay and there is likely to be laying snow or ice and possibly sub zero temperatures.

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Six plus Leaders

Pygmy Owl Wolf Northern Bullfinch Spotted Nutcracker

Poland - Big Mammals and Winter Birds

Date: 23th - 27th February 2019 [PLACES]
Leaders: Neil Donaghy & Mateusz or Arek Szymura



European Bison


The beautiful ancient forests of Eastern Poland are a very special place at any time of year, but in winter they have a special serene atmosphere as the wildlife here finds a way to survive the sometimes harsh winters. Lying snow and frost and ice can make this a difficult environment in which to find enough food to get through the winter, but it is also a time when many of the most wanted species are most visible as they search for sustenance or begin courtship routines. Of course, many of these animals are very elusive despite their size and it takes good local knowledge and a degree of good fortune to encounter them. This new mini-tour will give you the best opportunity of seeing some of Europe’s most sought after animals and winter birds. Your tour leaders will be Neil Donaghy and Arek or Mateusz Szymura both of whom we have worked with many times before and whose knowledge of these forests is second to none. Our warm and cosy agro-tourist guesthouse base is in the small hamlet of Pogorzelce, where there is a kitchen with all utensils and equipment, well equipped bedrooms with en suite facilities and a lovely open range fire, complimentary Wi-Fi and TV in the well appointed lounge. Evening meals will be taken in the accommodation and we will shop locally for other provisions such as alcoholic drinks and snacks.



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