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Fairly intensive tour with some long travelling days, but fairly easy walking throughout and hotels of a good standard

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Six plus leaders

Arabian Scops Owl Arabian Wheatear Cinammon-breasted Bunting Grey Hypocolius Sooty Gull Ruppell's Weaver Singing Bush Lark

Oman - Arabian Birding Odyssey

Date: 29th November - 9th December 2022 (SPACES)
Leaders: Jason Moss & Carles Oliver



Little Green Bee-eater


This exciting new itinerary offers Oriole clients the chance to join up with Jason and Carles for a magnificent tour to one of the safest and friendliest destinations in Arabia. Oman offers some mouth-watering specialities which are tricky to see elsewhere, along with a true eastern flavour to the supporting cast, amid some spectacular, arid and rocky scenery and all with fairly easy trvaelling and good hotels. We visit in early December, as many of the most desirable species are winter visitors, such as the enigmatic Grey Hypocolius and stately Pallas's Gulls. Arid deserts are of course synonymous with this part of the World and indeed Oman is relatively sparsely populated country punctuated by rocky mountain gorges (wadis) and vast stretches of sandy desert. The mix of birds here is unrivalled in the Middle East and has influences of east and west. Mighty Lappet-faced Vultures and Bruce's Green Pigeon bring a flavour of the African continent, while Purple Sunbird, Pallid Scop's Owl and Indian Roller are a firm reminder that you're in Asia. Coastal areas offer the chance to observe flocks of waders, gulls and terns that will include such mouth-watering species as Crab Plover, Great Knot, Lesser Sand Plover, Saunder's Tern and Heuglin's Gull, while we also factor in a pelagic trip to get to grips with some seabirds. Socotra Cormorant, Jouainin's Petrel, Persian Shearwater and Red-billed Tropicbird are all likely on this exciting addition. Throw in the search for the Omani Owl, some fantastic desert birding with sandgrouse, larks and wheatears and you have the making's of a memorable tour. We are teaming up with Carles Oliver for this tour, familiar to many of you through our tours with him in Spain. He has guided many of his own tours to Oman and knows the country well. He will be assisted throughout by Oriole leader Jason Moss. 


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