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Intermediate with a series of early starts in order to look for mammals, but with down time built in during the middle of the day. Walking is mostly easy and on good paths.

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Seven plus leader

Wildcat Wallcreeper Wolves European Storm-Petrel

Northern Spain - Wolves and Wallcreepers in the Cantabrian Mountains

Date: 5th - 10th August 2018 [SPACES]
Leaders: Dave Gosney and local guides





How many times have you been to somewhere where you've read that there are wolves, wildcats or bears in the area? And how many of them have you seen? Until recently all 3 of these species were almost impossible to find; the chance of accidentally coming upon a wolf or a wildcat whilst birding in Europe is really pretty remote. However, with the use of local experts it IS now possible to see all three species in just a few days. Dave Gosney proved this on his reccy to the Cantabrian mountains in 2016 when he successfully filmed wolves, wildcats and bears in just a few days. Now it's your turn to visit the same areas again with Dave Gosney and the same local experts, to see if we can repeat that success. To make the trip exciting from a birding point of view as well, we will also visit a high mountain peak where Wallcreepers, Snow Finches and Alpine Accentors are all likely and we'll undertake a pelagic trip from Bilbao to the continental shelf in the Bay of Biscay - an area that is famous for its numbers of seabirds, especially shearwaters and petrels, not to mention whales and dolphins. As an extra treat, we'll also spend time in a hide, watching Griffon and Egyptian Vultures at ridiculously close range as they squabble over a carcasse.  We will be using 4 x 4 vehicles, and a cable car, to get us into the special mountain areas so the amount of walking necessary will be limited to gentle strolls over easy terrain. Accommodation will be in comfortable hotels with terrific local food. This is not primarily a birding trip and doesn't include any bird-rich lakes and marshes but you can still expect to see approximately 80 species. Your tour leader will be Dave Gosney, assisted by local guides.





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