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Northern Greece Lake Kerkini - Autumn in Europe's Secret Wetland

Date: 21st - 26th October 2019 [SPACES]
Leaders: Paul Roberts




Dalmatian Pelicans


Beautiful Lake Kerkini lies in the north of Greece, near the Bulgarian border. Lake Kerkini is a pear shaped fresh water lake, fed by the Strymon River and is about fifteen kilometres long and nine kilometres across, when full and an embankment allows for raised viewing at several key strategic areas.  The lake and the surrounding wetlands are bordered by the Belles Mountains to the north and the Marvovouni Mountains to the south.  The area is well known for its biodiversity and is considered one of Greece's most important wetlands, which is recognised by its RAMSAR status. It is particularly well known as a resting, and occasional, wintering site for much of the European population of Lesser White-fronted Geese and we have timed the tour to coincide with the optimum chance to see this species, but upwards of fifty thousand wildfowl of many species use the lake in winter. Greater Spotted Eagle and Dalmatian Pelican are among the other much sought after species we may encounter here, while we can also expect to encounter several species of raptors that regularly disturb the masses of wildfowl from the lake, as well as woodpeckers, herons and a nice selection of passerines. The terrain is mostly easy and there is little walking as we view the lake from a series of stopping places. You can expect to see approximately 125 species.



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