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Fairly relaxed but all daylight hours will be spent in the field and there are some long drives on days two and five.

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Six plus Leaders

Gyr Falcon Long-tailed Duck Pine Grosbeak Snowy Owl Steller's Eider

Northern Finland & Varanger Fjord - Arctic Magic

Date: 25th - 30th May 2019 [SPACES]
Leaders: Oriole Birding leader & Finnature guide



King Eiders


Arctic magic awaits us as we head to the far north of Europe and the Lands of the Midnight Sun. The long hours of daylight are used to maximise our chances of seeing the many special birds of this beautiful, tranquil area. A wide variety of habitats will be visited including the forests, lakes and bogs of northernmost Finland and the tundra and coastline of northern Norway. The terrain is mostly easy but may involve one or two steep uphill climbs, so a reasonable level of fitness is required for this tour. The weather conditions on the arctic coast of Norway may be harsh, so all your warmest winter clothes are highly recommended even in May ! Walks are short and much of the birding is done from the roadside. There is so much to see that the birding is intense and long hours are spent in the field- this is the only way to get the most out of such a bird rich destination. Mammals likely to be seen are Moose, Arctic Hare, Reindeer and Red Squirrel and in Norway on the sea Grey, Ringed and even Bearded Seal and with luck some whales like Beluga, Minke Whale or even the rare Killer Whale. You can expect to see 150 + species. 



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