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Intermediate with optional evening excursion. Up to 4 miles gentle walking per day

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Seven plus Leaders

Golden-ringed Dragonfly Common Redstart Silver-washed Fritillary Dartford Warbler Firecrest Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly Silver-studded Blue

The New Forest - Summer Wildlife

Date: 12th - 16th July 2022 (SPACES)
Leaders: Ashley Saunders



Purple Emperor


A short break designed with the budding entomologist in mind, the New Forest offers opportunities to see some of Britain’s rarest damselflies, including Small Red, Southern, Scarce Blue-tailed and White-legged. Perhaps our most spectacular species, the Beautiful Demoiselle, will entrance the explorer of the forests tranquil woodland streams. The powerful and majestic Golden-ringed Dragonfly may be seen patrolling the more open waterways that flow through the heath lands and the inquisitive Downy Emerald may gaze at the fortunate visitor through its ‘other-worldly’ metallic green eyes as it hunts along the margins of the forests many small ponds.  A visit to the ancient forest at Bentley Woods in Wiltshire provides a chance to see the regal Purple Emperor butterfly along with his woodland courtiers, the White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary. A special treat here is the very scarce form of the latter known as the ‘greenish’ Silver-washed Fritillary where all of the orange colouration is replaced by bronze-green. Martin Down on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border is a magnificent chalk grassland reserve where we can see a range of butterflies typical of this terrain - we may be able to see Marbled White, Dark Green Fritillary and in some years Adonis or Small Blue. The reserve is a carpet of fantastic wildflowers and unusual species such as Frog and Pyramidal Orchids and Knapweed Broomrape can be seen. Perhaps the Scarce Forester moth, a metallic green day flying rarity, might also be sighted, and both Adder and Slow Worm are often seen. A wide variety of wildlife can be expected on this tour, including birds, and these can include such gems as European Nightjar, Dartford Warbler, Woodlark, Firecrest, Wood Warbler, European Honey Buzzard and Northern Goshawk. Ashley Saunders will lead this holiday and you can expect to see upwards of twenty species of Butterfly, twenty Odonata and seventy five species of birds. 




**Please note that the flight periods of butterflies and dragonflies are dependant on the weather and spring temperatures. In some years, target species could be over while in others additonal species not in the itinerary could be on the wing. Good weather is essential for viewing these creatures and a more birding orientated itinerary will be introduced in the event of poor weather**




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