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Advanced with long hours in the field, early starts and late finishes

Group Size:

Six plus leaders

Red-footed Falcon Black Stork Collared Flycatcher Black-winged Stilt Ortolan Bunting White-tailed Eagle

Moldova - Europe's Secret Corner

Date: 25th June - 1st July 2018 [FULL]
Leaders: Neil Donaghy and Laurentiu Petrencu




White Pelicans


There are very few areas that are genuinely unexplored in Europe nowadays, but this unique tour to the Republic of Moldova offers a real opportunity to vist a country that has received very few western birders and with it there is a good chance we can add to the knowledge of the country’s avifauna on what we believe is the first ever organized birding tour there by a UK operator; with so few birders present, who knows what exciting discoveries may be waiting for us.  Moldova is a small nation so we are able to comfortably cover the whole country including unspoilt forests, meandering riparian valleys and vast wetlands during our time here. Cosy and traditional accommodations where the local people are friendly and welcoming will help us get a feel for a time gone by in much of the west and we will enjoy tasty regional dishes and sample some of the excellent wines. Your tour leader will be our good friend Laurentiu Petrencu who will be familiar to some of those who have travelled with us in Romania, and Neil Donaghy and you can expect to see approximately 120 species.


Thanks to Vitalie Ajder for use of his excellent images.





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