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Fairly Intensive with long hours in the field and some long drives

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Seven plus leaders

Asian Desert Warbler Black-headed Penduline Tit White-throated Robin Grey-necked Bunting Caspian Tit Great Thick-knee Sind Pied Woodpecker

Iran - Spring in the Persian Gulf

Date: 30th April - 14th May 2019
Leaders: Ali Aliesalam and Dominic Mitchell



Crab Plover
Much maligned, but blessed with friendly and welcoming people, the ancient country of Persia is beginning to open its borders as a tourist destination. A country with such huge differences in its habitats and climate can make a perfect haven for wild birds and Iran is an exceptional destination with which offers some fantastic opportunities for much wanted species for the keen birder. Although Pleske's Ground Jays are the only true endemic species but there exist some very near endemic species such as Basra Reed Warbler, Grey Hypocolius, Caspian Tit, Persian Wheatear, Sind Pied Woodpecker and Plain Leaf Warbler. Iran has one hundred and five important bird areas according to Bird Life International and the various habitats include hundreds of lakes and wetlands, unique Hyrcanian forest, high montane habitat, steppe and sandy deserts and vast semi-tropical mangrove forests. In addition to the near endemics, some rare or much sought after species like Macqueen’s Bustard, Caspian Snowcock, White-throated Robin, Socotra Cormorant, Marbled Teal, White-headed Duck, Crab Plover, Bay-backed Shrike, Asian Desert Warbler, Hume’s Wheatear, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Indian Pond Heron, Purple Sunbird, Eastern Imperial Eagle and Green Warbler can all be found. The terrain is mostly easy, though as we are at altitude on a couple of occasions a reasonable level of physical fitness will be required, and of course, it is likely to be fairly hot at times. You can expect to walk approximately four miles per day. Your tour leaders will be Ali Alieslam and Dominic Mitchell and you can expect to see approximately 200 species.


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