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Advanced with long hours in the field including early starts and late finishes.

Group Size:

Ten with Two Leaders

Rustic Bunting Tengmalm's Owl Pygmy Owl Hawk Owl Willow Grouse Capercaillie Ural Owl Pallid Harrier

Finland - Owls, Woodpeckers and Grouse Drives

Date: 20th - 25th May 2018 [TWO PLACES - Guaranteed Departure]
Leaders: Taru Suninen & Oriole Birding Leader



Great Grey Owl


This new, shortened version of our Finland tour is designed to provide a superb opportunity to get to grips with some of Europe’s most wanted birds among some pristine habitats. From the magnificent Great Grey Owls that inhabit the deep and enchanting taiga forests to the enigmatic Siberian Jays the excitement begins at dawn and ends at dusk. There is literally so much to see that the birding is intense and long hours are spent in the field- this is the only way to get the most out of such a bird rich destination. Whilst every spring is different, our tour is timed so that owls and woodpeckers should still have young at the nest, and consequently, we have a realistic chance of encountering most of the species mentioned. The migrant passerines should also be well into breeding routines and still singing which makes  them so much easier to find. Walks are short and much of the birding is done from the roadside or from tower hides. You can expect to see 130 + species. 



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