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Fairly intensive with some long drives on sometimes poor roads, at high elevation and there will often be very hot and dusty conditions as well as it being very cold in the mountains at dawn and during the night.

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Eight plus Leaders

Abyssinian Ground Thrush Black-crowned Cranes Lammergeier Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse Simian Wolf White-winged Cliff Chat Yellow-fronted Parrot Spotted Thick-knee Arabian Bustard Stresemann's Bush Crow

Ethiopia - Endemic Birds & Mammals

Date: 6th - 24th October 2021 (SPACES)
Leaders: Steve Cale and Measho Legesse




Prince Ruspoli's Turaco


A wonderland with historical footprints which is over three thousand years old and  rich  in cultural heritage, Ethiopia is Africa's second most populous nation, so it follows that there exists a bounty of exotic costumes, colourful ceremonies and celebrations, arts, crafts, music and dance. Each ethnic group has a distinct tradition and fascinating character with eighty eight languages being spoken. It is a land of extremes covering an area of over one million square kilometres ranging from Mount Ras Dashen at 4620 metres to Lake Asal at one hundred and fifty metres below sea level, while Dallol is recognised as one of the hottest places year round on earth. There are thirty one endemic bird species and over eight hundred and fifty species have been recorded. There will be some long drives on sometimes poor roads, birding at altitude and some very variable weather including extreme heat during the day and freezing temperatures at night, though the walking is mostly easy. Your tour leaders will be Steve Cale and Measho Legesse and you can expect to see approximately 400 species.



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