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Fairly intensive with extensive travelling and early starts every day

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Seven plus leaders

Hyacinth Macaws Giant Anteater Black-collared Hawk Toco Toucan Crab-eating Fox Peach-fronted Parakeet

Brazil - Pantanal & Amazon

Date: 12th - 25th July 2021 (RETURNING IN 2022)
Leaders: Ashley Saunders and Xavier Munoz





Think ‘Brazilian wildlife’ and you probably think ‘Amazonian rain forest’. The Amazon jungle is the largest collection of living plants and animals in the world and 60% of it is found within Brazil. But Brazil offers far more than just the incredible diversity of the Amazon jungle. As a country it is equivalent in size to the entire United States so the possibilities are endless but on this trip, in addition to the Amazon, we’ll concentrate on the Pantanal – the largest seasonal freshwater wetland on the planet. Think of it as the Okovango delta of South America, but at least ten times bigger! To make this trip even more special it will include another of Brazil’s special ecotones, the more open Cerrado, where a quite different selection of exciting species is possible. To explore the Amazon we’ll visit an area called the Rio Azul where the landscapes offer a mixture of both Amazonian Rain Forest and Cerrado. Hence the total species list for this region is over 450 species, many of which are endemic including the recently discovered Bald Parrot. Another highlight is likely to be the magnificent Harpy Eagle which we will have a good chance of seeing. The vast Pantanal can be reached via only one road, the Transpantaneira highway but this links up with various rivers and channels which we can also explore by boat. This will enable us to encounter all the iconic wildlife of this area. Birdwise, this includes some of the biggest and most spectacular birds in South America,  the Hyacinth Macaw, the largest macaw in the world (over 3 feet long), the Red-legged Sereima, like a South American secretary bird, the Greater Rhea, a South American ostrich standing almost 5 feet tall, the massive Jabiru stork, which is almost as tall, the Southern Screamer, like a huge bulky goose, the Toco Toucan, the largest toucan in the world and the Great Potoo the largest ‘nightjar’ in the world. Smaller species are no less extraordinary such as Sunbittern, White Woodpecker, Red-billed Scythebill, Helmeted Manakin, Troupial, Bare-faced Curassow, Bat Falcon, Sungrebe, Squirrel Cuckoo, Chestnut-eared Aracari, Black-capped Donacobius, trogons, motmots, antshrikes, woodcreepers, horneros, kiskadees, cardinals, saltators and tanagers. But in the Pantanal it’s not just the amazing individual birds you will enjoy, it’s also the sheer numbers. You will experience literally hundreds of kingfishers, herons, storks, whistling ducks, limpkins and raptors. Imagine seeing over 100 Snail Kites in a day or over 100 of the amazing Nacunda Nightjars. And even if there were no birds at all, the Pantanal would be a must-visit destination for anyone interested in wildlife. This is simply the best place in the world to see Jaguars. If you’ve ever seen fabulous footage of Jaguar on a nature programme it’s almost certain to have been filmed in the Pantanal. Our guides have so much experience in finding this iconic species of big cat that you are pretty much guaranteed seeing one for yourself – you might actually see several in a day. Not quite so fearsome but at least as beautiful is another large cat, the Ocelot and we will visit a stake-out where you have a very good chance of seeing this exquisite species too. Other wildlife we will see include literally hundreds of Caimans (like crocodiles), dozens of Capybaras, and a few Giant Otters, Coatis, Crab-eating Foxes and Howler Monkeys. On most of our trips we also get to see Brazilian Tapir and the extraordinary Giant Ant-eater. You can be sure that every day will include some unforgettable wildlife experiences. Your tour leaders will be Ashley Saunders, assissted by our ground agent and local guide Xavier Munoz. 






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