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Seven plus Leader

Grey-headed Woodpecker White-backed Woodpecker Great Grey Shrike Ferruginous Duck Black Woodpecker

Hungary - Festival of Cranes

Date: 19th - 23rd October 2016 [SPACES]
Leaders: Gerard Gorman



Common Cranes
One of the highlights of this tour will be the spectacular migration of Common Cranes in the Hortobagy National Park. Each autumn, up to 70,000 of these elegant birds from northern Europe and Fennoscandia congregate here. We will watch them come in to roost at dusk in skeins and feeding by day in farm-fields and grasslands. As well as the Cranes there are also special resident birds like Great Bustard, Saker Falcon, White-tailed and Eastern Imperial Eagles, eight species of woodpecker including White-backed, Grey-headed and Black, and winter visitors such as Rough-legged Buzzard and Great Grey Shrike. The numerous wildfowl present should include some of the rare Lesser White-fronted Goose, rather Greater White-fronts and some Tundra and maybe Taiga Bean Geese. The terrain is mostly easy and the tour will be led by Gerard Gorman, who will meet you upon arrival in Budapest. You can expect to see approximately 100 species.




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